Tuesday, November 27, 2018



Baltimore memorabilia and documents continue to be ‘hot’ items on the auction and manuscript market. This cover, without contents, sold for $50 (although the estimate before auction was $100-150). Who knows what the content might have revealed, having been posted during the Union ‘occupation’ of the city. It could have been from a soldier in town, or perhaps one of the Arnolds in business in the city, according to the 1863-64 Cross business directory (https://archive.org/details/emcrosscosbaltim1863emcr).

If you have $2,000 to spare you can still buy what is described as War Of 1812 Manuscript Archive 3 Handwritten Letters From Baltimore:


Beardsley is an intriguing character. Later the Mayor of Cleveland, Ohio, he came to Baltimore to teach and to make his fortune with apparent little success. The letters provide some insight into his life in Baltimore and commentary on the preparations for the defense of the city in 1814. He advertised his school on the front page of the Baltimore American for October 1, 1814, not without competition:

Source: http://mdhistory.net/msa_sc3392/msa_sc3392_3_58/html/msa_sc3392_3_58-0883.html

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